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Agate Phone Grip
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Agate Phone Grip

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Being “addicted to your phone” now has a new meaning. Our Brazilian Agate Cellphone Grips are handmade and beautifully unique, mesmerizing you with every glance you take. Easily applied, you can adorn your phone with the beauty and powerful energy of Brazilian Agate.

How to Use:

To apply your phone grip you your phone, simply remove the adhesive and apply to your phone or phone case. Please make sure your phone surface is clean and dry when applying your phone grip.

To remove your phone grip, simply pull slowly from the bottom up and let the grip slowly peel off your phone. Make sure the grip is flattened when doing this. If this method does not work, you can use dental floss under the adhesive to gently loosen it from your phone.

Please remember that natural stones are fragile and should be treated with care. Although our grips are secure, the natural stone may chip or break if your phone is dropped. Sizes and shapes vary.

Agate: Acceptance, Balance, Harmony