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Jos Fun Play

Jos Fun Play is on a mission to make learning geography fun. Jos Fun Play has created its first product called GeoWhizFun. A 2-in-1 world geography card game created to highlight our cultural diversity, improve geography literacy, and introduce a fun way of exploring the world in the comfort of our own homes.

GeoWhizFun card game is an awesome educational resource to learn about world geography. Countries and territories are included in this card game. With these flashcards, you get to learn about flags, countries, territories, capital cities, landmarks, and notable people. GeoWhizFun combines education and entertainment seamlessly and serves as a gateway for us to explore the world, learn about various cultures, notable people, and landmarks. Cards are color coded by region for easy sorting.

Rosetta Amadi is the founder of Jos Fun Play and creative force behind GeoWhizFun. A Nigerian-Canadian born in Freetown, Sierra Leone; she is a wander by nature and a true global citizen at heart. Her educational experience spans across 4 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America). She is deeply passionate about geography and its ability to connect and unite us all, while fostering a sense of belonging, cultural appreciation, and global consciousness. Through GeoWhizFun, she has transformed her passion for geography and education into a profound mission: to make the journey of learning about our world a fun, immersive, and enlightening experience.