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Back Fence Felt

Meet The Maker
"I have always enjoyed being creative. Over the years I have dabbled in just about every form of crafting you can think of. Oil painting, mosaics, pottery, quilting, weaving, ink on tile, bead-work, jewelry making, sewing, knitting, macramé, crewelwork, needle felting, soapstone carving – the list goes on. However, once I was exposed to the magic of wet felting, I was entranced! I knew I had finally found my muse. To see the wondrous (and sometimes unexpected) results achieved from this centuries-old craft is exciting – and sometimes frustrating – but never dull. The thing that makes wet felting so thrilling and addictive is the challenge of colour selection, blending materials, and striving for just the right drape and design. As I work on one project, other ideas spring to mind that I can’t wait to try. I hope you enjoy my designs – I have certainly loved creating them."
Contact the Maker:
Instagram - @backfence.felt