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Gift Registry


Thank you for your interest in setting up your Gift Registry with us at Unique Town Boutique! Create your FREE personalized Gift Registry with Unique Town Boutique for your guests to support and shop local and handmade products.

Perfect for any gift-giving occasions: 
Birthdays, Baby Shower, New Home, Holidays and more!

Simply create your account, customize your registry profile, add your favourite products and share your registry link to your family and friends!

Benefits included when you create a FREE Gift Registry with UTB:

  • FREE Gift With Purchase - Host can receive a Gift On Us once first product is purchased from their registry (min. $25+)
  • Personalised Registry - Create and add any item from our UTB selection to your own custom list of all your favourite products
  • Support Local - Support local makers while encouraging your guests to shop from over 70+ local makers at UTB!
  • Completion Discount - Guests will receive a 10% off discount to use on their next purchase at UTB once they purchase a gift from host's registry
  • Delivery - Guests can select to ship the items directly to your selected address or arrange a pick up in-store option
  • *Guests can receive a complimentary note to add to their gift and options for Gift Wrapping available

Let's Get Started!

If you require assistance at any time with this process, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at

1. If you don't have an existing account on UTB, you can click Create an account at the top of our website or click HERE.

2. Log-in to UTB website and click GIFT REGISTRY
a) you can then CREATE your new Gift Registry Profile or
b) you can  MANAGE or edit your existing one!

3. When creating your Gift Registry profile, fill out all the relevant information you'd like to share and for guests to see. Here you will also input your shipping address for any purchased items to be delivered to. Tip: If you'd like to keep the list private, you can also have the option to set it to be password protected!

4. Once profile is complete, you can begin adding your favourite UTB products you've had your eyes on! Navigate to each product and click the ADD TO REGISTRY button. You will then be re-directed to the registry cart where you can view the registry list or delete an item if you change your mind. 

5. When you're ready to go after finalizing your registry cart, under MANAGE --> Registry Home Page you can click to SHARE your registry and you can copy the link to share with your family and friends to start viewing and shopping your registry cart! As the items on the registry cart are purchased, the list will update accordingly.