The Key-Aura Shop

I started the Keyaura shop to help people gain a deeper connection with their mind body & soul, it’s all about energy & intention let the rest come naturally. Throughout my spiritual journey I would often find myself questioning if I was doing things right or if I was going in the right direction on this journey but there is no right or wrong way, everyone’s path is different and truly all I needed to do was trust myself & allow myself to be present & intentional! My shop offers many different products to help you on your journey & enhance your intentions, awareness, connection, meditation & relaxation.


The Keyaura shop offers: Spell jar accessories (with specific intentions), crystal accessories, relaxation and detoxification bath materials to help you get grounded, connect with your divine feminine & Cleanse your energy - Aroma crystal & herb candles, Natural body oils & more!! The Keyaura shop strides to keep vibrations high, intentions present and stress low!

 Please allow my products to help you stay grounded & aligned whilst on your journey.


Love & light to all ✨