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Unique Town Boutique Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • We are located in beautiful Downtown Whitby Ontario.
  • Over 470 businesses are located in Downtown Whitby, known as the heart of the Town. 
  • Downtown Whitby is more than shopping - it's a destination. The architecture highlights its unique charm, and historic buildings!
  • Stroll throughout the Downtown core including the verandas of Pearson Lanes (Brock and Mary Streets) which is a historical development that houses individual boutiques, retail merchants and services. Throughout Downtown Whitby, distinctive restaurants' culinary cuisines will tempt your taste buds with signature dishes and atmosphere.
  • Downtown Whitby is home to many cultural and educational institutions and community events.
  • The central Whitby Public Library is a state of the art building located downtown, offering an extensive array of collections, programs, and the Whitby archives.
  • We have an array of businesses around us including boutiques, restaurants, and small businesses.
  • Pearson Lanes is a historic building with over 100 years of history. 
  • We made Unique Town Boutique to incorporate the feeling of new while keeping the beauty of the history in our shop.
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