White Sage & Eucalyptus
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White Sage & Eucalyptus

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The perfect home cleanser!ย 


The energy of white sage brings cleansing, protection and blessings into the space that it's burned in, and when sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. The Latin word for sage salvia stems form the word heal.

Eucalyptus is a powerful and fragrant herb that has been used for centuries in healing and cleansing rituals. In addition to the cleansing properties of White Sage, Eucalyptus is especially helpful in relieving mental exhaustion and aiding with respiratory issues. It can be used to heal regrets and worries, and helps to refresh and bring about a new energy to any problem areas of your life. Eucalyptus is great to burn if you have asthma or have a cold or need any help clearing out your sinuses or lungs. It is a natural, anti-microbial, non-toxic air freshener that removes bacteria, viruses, and mold from the surrounding environment. Its fragrance is bright and clean.