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Produce Bags - Pack of 3
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Produce Bags - Pack of 3

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Hey, why are we in the habit of bringing our big reusable bags for the end of the trip, but STILL reaching for the plastic produce bags to hold our bananas, tomatoes, lettuce?

One little change you make on your way out the door to the farmers market / grocery store can make such an incredible impact on our environment! Save 1000's of single use plastic bags with the purchase of this Pack of 3 Reusable Produce Bags!

Easy to see through, cotton net bags with tare weight tags (for the cashier to deduct the weight of the bag), drawstring tops with wooden pull to tighten up when filled. Great for the beach, toy storage, as a small laundry bag etc.

Includes: 3 Produce Bags

Size: Large 16 x 11, Medium 13 x 11 , Small 7 x 11