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Cheerfulness Candle
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Cheerfulness Candle

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100% Soy wax candle blended with citrus essential oils. Each candle is unique and may not look exactly the same as the pictures displayed.

Candle Care: light your candle for at least 2 hours each time. Wax has a memory, burn the candle until the entire circumference has melted.  Snuff your candle to burn it out for best results. 

Net W.T is 8 oz.  Hand-poured in Shelburne, ON.  Burn time is approximately 30-40 hours. 

Ingredients: soy wax, lemon, sweet orange and grapefruit essential oils.

1. 100% all natural soy wax. It is renewable and sustainable. Never tested on animals.

2. We use essential or absolute oils. No Fragrance Oils. 


3. Our jars are 100% recyclable or reusable. Just wash with soap and water.