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Saltsea Co.

Saltsea Co. started behind closed doors back in 2018. We were both training insane hours in preparation to compete for Team Canada in Germany for Tap Dance, and were both taking way more baths than usual. We wanted to make them more enjoyable for us with different salts, colours, and scents.

We are now beyond happy to be able to share what we enjoy with all of our customers. We love being able to have full creative discretion with what we do with our products, thinking of new fun ideas to try, using our trial and error process until we love them, being proud of what the final product looks and smells like and being ready to share it with everyone and bring them the same enjoyment we get from using our products for a fun bath time!

We love how Small Business Strong our community is and how involved and supportive everyone is. The interactions we have had with other small business owners thus far have been nothing but positive and we are only still at the beginning of our journey!

Instagram- @saltseaco
Facebook- www.Facebook.com/saltseaco
Website- www.saltseaco.ca