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Bella Lovelee Beads

Meet The Maker
“Bella Lovelee Beads specializes in handcrafted beaded, metal and macramé jewellery with a modern eclectic and indigenous influence. Every piece is created and inspired by the moments in life when a bold and fun piece of jewellery can be just what we need to lift our spirits and bring a smile to our day! The start of this home business adventure began in November 2019, shortly after my youngest of three started JK and I knew that returning back to the retail corporate world was not the route that I wanted to take any longer. I have always had the creative drive to design, craft, bead, and bring my visions to life. And now, to be able to return back to this passion was a dream come true for me and just the creative outlet I had been looking for the entire time. The company is lovingly named after my oldest daughter Isabella who is my little warrior girl both & "lovelee" & beautiful; on the inside as well as the outside. It is with her support, along with my family that I am able to follow this dream and turn it into a beautiful reality."