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Alicia's Peace of Healing Skin Care

It was when I began to be more conscious with what I was putting into and onto my body that these products were born. 
I was not going to be told what was acceptable to eat anymore, and I no longer was going to be told what was "normal" to apply to my skin. So I started taking matters into my own hands and teaching myself. I wanted a lifestyle that I felt in control of and one that I had my own knowledge of. I wanted to show my children that knowledge is power, and having a long, healthy and fruitful life is achievable.
I began looking for ingredients that were going to add value to my life, and my skin. It all started in my kitchen where my sons and I would mix and stir to make these products. Since then, my loved ones and I have been using them. We feel fresh, we feel healthy, we feel in control and we glow all the while. Now, I'm ready to share them with you. I'm hoping they bring you as much joy as they brought me. 
Sending you peace | love | & blessings.